Thursday, September 6, 2012


The other day I saw on Pinterest, "Sunshine in a Box" and decided I needed to make one for a friend that had an accident and lives several states away!  So this is my version:

It was fun shopping for yellow items that would be useful and yummy for the box.  (Time will tell if the candy makes it!)  I even got my Cricut out and made some flowers and the "Sunny Days" cutout was perfect.  It was a fun gift to put together! 

I hope there are "Sunny Days" ahead for our old friend, George!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Prairie Dress

My 4th grade granddaughter, Kayley, is going to attend the local Rose Hill School next week to celebrate the opening of the Cherokee Strip in Oklahoma.

Rose Hill School, a one-room country school built northeast of Perry in 1895, is on the Cherokee Strip Museum grounds.  In schools like this one, students received their education from the first through the eighth grade. 

Rose Hill was moved to the grounds of the Cherokee Strip Museum in 1971. The school contains most of its original furnishings, including a cast-iron stove and wooden two-seater desks.

A Day at Rose Hill School

Photgraph of Interior of Rose Hill School
Rose Hill School is not only an exhibit of a traditional one-room schoolhouse from Oklahoma's early days, but also a place where children can learn what education was like when their great-grandparents went to school. Now, fourth grade students from all over the state come to Rose Hill School for an enlightening and educational experience of what life was like for young people who lived in 1910. 

Dressed in period clothing and carrying makeshift syrup buckets containing their lunch, students participate in the living history program, "A Day at Rose Hill School." They pretend to travel back in time to become scholars attending one of Oklahoma's early one-room schools. Greeted at the door by a stern-looking school marm, the students file into the classroom and take their seats. During the day, the scholars have exercises in cursive writing, cyphering (arithmetic) with slateboards and chalk, and reading from McGuffey's readers. Scholars also study history, geography, do chores, and play games.*

Here is the dress I made for her to wear.  Since I am a quilter and haven't sewn clothing for many years, I was so glad that the pattern fit her to a "T" and no adjustments were necessary!

I wish I had taken her picture in it--I will.  I may even visit the school that day (visitors are welcome) to take pics of her class!