Sunday, January 10, 2010

New Project!

Saturday I attended a Block of the Month class at one of my favorite quilt stores (50 miles away) with some of my quilting friends.  We purchased the book "Hop To It" and for $6 we received the fabrics for the first block.  Next month we take back the finished block and we get the next block fabrics free.  At the end of the year we'll have all the blocks and the store will have border/backing fabrics available for purchase.  If you miss a month, you can purchase the block fabric for $6.  But it is possible to get all twelve blocks for $6.  Quite a deal, uh??

We do NOT make the blocks at the store.  The dealer shows us the month's block with any instructions needed.  Then she shows new items in the store--fabrics, patterns, notions, quilt class samples, etc.  She has three sessions each time and there was 35 people in ours.  It's very popular.  People love to get a little something for free (?).  Most of us end of spending a lot more than $6.  She has a good thing going!

This quilt is appliqued with a mixture of batiks and prints. Should be very pretty. You have your choice of applique and I'll be doing fusible applique.  I appreciate needle turned applique but do not have the patience to do it myself.  The first block had 43 pieces!   A bunch, but surprisingly it wasn't that bad.  I now have to stitch it down.  On this project I'll be using a small zig zag stitch instead of a buttonhole stitch with invisible thread.  Better get on that!

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  1. Is that your finished block in the picture? It's beautiful! That sounds like a really fun BOM! And a great deal! Thanks for entering my giveaway!