Sunday, May 16, 2010

Another old project finished!!!

In 2003 my quilt guild decided to do a fun little project.  It was taking a "plump lady" drawn on a piece of muslin and dress it for different occasions.  There were about a dozen members that participated (we only had a membership of 20 at that time).  We each made 12 of our lady so we could give one to each person.  We did Summertime, 4th of July, Halloween, Occupations, Cowboys and Indians and Christmas.  We also signed our names on each one.  And some of the expressions on them are hilarious!

So in the end we had enough to do a small wall hanging for each occasion.  It was a riot to see what some of the members came up with.  They were just fused down so unless we chose to applique them down we couldn't really make them into a washable item. Some had a lot embellishments, so that was a problem too. There were a couple of ladies that really "went to town" and finished all of theirs.  Most of us were not as ambitious.  I made two as you can see.  

After going through my "pigs" I came across them AGAIN.  A good friend of mine and I were discussing them and she said hers were getting worn around the edges because she shows them off quite often.  So we decided maybe we could put them in a book.  It was a challenge because we couldn't make them too thick if we wanted to sew through the spine.  I thought of maybe using grommets, but that would have made the spine too thick also.  In the end, they're not perfect, but the ladies are finally DONE and it just took seven years to do so!!

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