Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Embroidered Burp Pads!

My sister asked me to embroider some burp pads for a co-worker's daughter so that's what I did this morning.  Pretty simple and quick! 
I got some Carter's cloth diapers at Wal-Mart to use.  They really are super for burp pads.   They have that extra padding in the center which is perfect.

I also made one with the baby's name on it.  Now get this--the baby isn't born yet.  Things change.  I made a quilt once and put the label on it with the baby's supposedly "name" on it.  Yup, you guessed it. They decided on another name.  I told them I'd take the label off and re-do it, but I never got it back.  Who knows if they took it off or not.  Hope so.  Rather have no quilt label, than the wrong name on it for the poor child.

I may have to start selling these for people.  Maybe I could make enough to pay for my thread!!  Anyone need some??


  1. I could have used those two years ago when I was pregnant with my second and in a frantic hunt for burp cloths in my small town and REFUSED to use plain white diapers for them. My baby (not known boy or girl) was worthy of so much better than BLANK! hehe Also #2 would have been one name for boy, and another for girl...tentatively...nope name didnt match, she's H now instead of Isabella.

  2. Great clothes and NO I don't need one yet. LOL.

  3. Those are adorable...and super useful! Do you have a machine that is programmable, or do you trace it on and then follow the letters with your machine, or what?

  4. Hi Linda... I have had 2 emails returned to me. Have you changed your address? Can you contact me re Santa Sack Swap please... :)