Thursday, January 12, 2012

Storybook quilts!

As a community project to commemorate our 20th anniversary in June, my quilt guild is making STORYBOOK QUILTS! 

We are making mini sized quilts (from 12" squares to door sized) that are based on children's pre-school books.  Then the quilts and the books together will be presented to our local public library during National Library Week in April.  They will be used by the Children's Librarian during story times at the library. 

These will be  "hands on props" to be used when the books are read to the children and then hung periodically on the library walls.  It also will give the librarian a chance to explain to the children just what a quilt is, therefore promoting quilting, even though these will be wall quilts instead of the kind used on beds.

We have had good response for signing up to make these and I can't wait to see all the different interpretations of the different books.  I retired from the library and we have several former teachers in our guild and we are all very excited about this project!  They aren't due until March, but here is my first one.  I thought it might be good when they have a program on "manners".


  1. VERY NICE, kids like quilts and to touch them will be even better?

  2. How fun! I was an elementary school teacher. I would have loved to do this then.

  3. That is darling...what a great project!