Saturday, August 29, 2009

Another quilting blog!

Yes, I had to do it! I keep reading everyone else's blog and decided why don't I bite the bullet and do the same. It will at least help me keep track of the quilts I'm making.

I promise (?) not to spend too much time blogging and forget about my quilting. AND, I promise (?) not to spend too much time quilting and forget about blogging. A little of each every day should be a happy medium, right? Well, we'll see how this works out.
This quilt (one of Nancy Halvorsen's designs) was made last year as a block of the month in one of my favorite quilt stores. I finally had it quilted and it's hanging in my living room now. There were several of my friends from my quilt guild that made this and we had a good time each month going to the quilt store getting the pattern. Girls getting together and making quilts, what's better??!!


  1. Love the name of your blog mom! And you posted my favorite quilt! I guess you had to give that new sewing machine a rest for awhile.

    I've got you in my GoogleReader so will be checking all your posts!