Sunday, August 30, 2009

New Sewing Machine!

After loving my 1630 Bernina for 15 years, I replaced it with a new 730E embroidery machine. So far I love it!

Several of my friends have the embroidery machines and I've been impressed with all they were doing in their quilting ventures. But I didn't think I'd go the embroidery route, that is until I went shopping and saw what those machines could do. I especially like the idea of embroidery quilting on the quilt, not just the blocks. How cool is that!

Now to learn. I start my free lessons from the dealer next week and I'm ready. Woohoo, let the party begin!!

I want to start a TIP OF THE DAY. So here's today's little bit of wisdom:

If you MUST dust, use your batting scraps. Recycling makes you feel great! Well, maybe not great, but good.

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