Friday, December 4, 2009

Finger Pincushions

These little pincushions are so easy, quick and handy to have!

We needed a craft for our Christmas guild party and this is going to be it .  (We've done that the last few years instead of games.)  I had seen these for a long time but just hadn't made any.  I whipped up one in minutes.

All it takes is one 3 1/2" square of fabric.  Fold it in half diagonally, stitch 1/4" seams leaving opening for turning.  Stuff, whip opening closed and pull corners together to fit finger and whip together.  That's it.  How's that for something quick!

The only thing you need to remember is poke the pins in sideways NOT in the top.  If you do, you'll be feeling it!  : )

1 comment:

  1. Love this finger many times I drop the pins and forget that happen and all of a sudden one goes in my foot...ouch!!!
    Also the name of your blog is cool...I can just imagine cookie fabric made into cookie shapes and then used for pincushions...Great Blog...