Sunday, December 27, 2009

Oklahoma Blizzard 2009!

Oklahoma had 14" of snow on Christmas Eve!  If that becomes official it will set a record.  I personally don't think we had that much but the wind was so bad that the drifts dealt a lot of people a lot of misery trying to get home to their family.   One being my nephew who was stranded on I-35 for 10 hours.  He made it home finally just in time for Christmas dinner.  We all were so happy to see him!

Christmas was wonderful.  Just sorry that not all of my siblings could make it to dinner.  But that is okay, rather to be safe and warm than have an accident.

Now after the snow and wind has stopped, yesterday and today was wonderful for the kids to go sledding and build a snowman!  My grandkids had a ball as you can tell from my photos.

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