Monday, August 31, 2009

Halloween Wallhangings

Halloween Projects!

Today I'm trying to figure out how I'm going to do the quilting on two Halloween wall hangings that I'm making for my two daughters.

They're a variation of "Party Bags" by Tracey Brookshier. The original pattern calls for nine bags, but I adjusted to just three. The bags are three dimensional and were very easy to do! I'll be putting either candy bars or Halloweeen beanie babies in the bags. This pattern would also be great using Christmas fabrics for Christmas cards.

The quilting is not the fun part for me in making quilts and I only do so on wallhangings and small projects. I'll probably just stipple, unless any of you have an idea for me.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

New Sewing Machine!

After loving my 1630 Bernina for 15 years, I replaced it with a new 730E embroidery machine. So far I love it!

Several of my friends have the embroidery machines and I've been impressed with all they were doing in their quilting ventures. But I didn't think I'd go the embroidery route, that is until I went shopping and saw what those machines could do. I especially like the idea of embroidery quilting on the quilt, not just the blocks. How cool is that!

Now to learn. I start my free lessons from the dealer next week and I'm ready. Woohoo, let the party begin!!

I want to start a TIP OF THE DAY. So here's today's little bit of wisdom:

If you MUST dust, use your batting scraps. Recycling makes you feel great! Well, maybe not great, but good.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Another quilting blog!

Yes, I had to do it! I keep reading everyone else's blog and decided why don't I bite the bullet and do the same. It will at least help me keep track of the quilts I'm making.

I promise (?) not to spend too much time blogging and forget about my quilting. AND, I promise (?) not to spend too much time quilting and forget about blogging. A little of each every day should be a happy medium, right? Well, we'll see how this works out.
This quilt (one of Nancy Halvorsen's designs) was made last year as a block of the month in one of my favorite quilt stores. I finally had it quilted and it's hanging in my living room now. There were several of my friends from my quilt guild that made this and we had a good time each month going to the quilt store getting the pattern. Girls getting together and making quilts, what's better??!!