Friday, April 9, 2010

Grommet bag-- Yep, another bag!

What is it with bags for women??  It just seems we can't have too many.  My friends and I got together and made some neat "grommet purses".

 I chose a batik that I've had for a few years.  I don't even remember where I purchased it.  I loved the fabric but didn't know what to do with it and so I thought why not another bag.  It's very "springy" looking I think and turned out to be a fun bag.  The photo's colors are a little light.  It really is a little darker.

My friends all chose something different--a black and white fabric, black/red faux leather, and another batik one, but with a variety of  different fabrics.  It was a fun day--always, when you're learning a new project with friends.

By the way, the name of the pattern is "Grids & Grommets" by Indygo Junction.

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  1. I Love this are right.....a girl can never have too many least not pretty ones like you have been making....
    Prayers, Bo