Thursday, April 1, 2010

Happy Easter!

Getting ready for a fun Easter with family! 

Today I cleaned house and went to grocery store for the weekend.  We'll be hosting Easter dinner for around twenty.  Rob will be making the main dish -- BRISKET.  He smokes it all night in our electric smoker and it is delicious.  So, the rest of the dinner will be easy.  I think I'm making potato salad, mexi-corn, pea salad, lettuce salad, easy cheesy lemon bars (so delicious),  and of course, we have to do deviled eggs.  The kids will be coloring eggs on Saturday, so we always have plenty of eggs to eat!  The others attending always bring side dishes, so we have a smorgasbord! 

Julie is on another diet to lose 10 pounds (I wish that was all I needed to lose), and I think she may have to skip a day because this dinner is not for dieters at all.  I AM going to start walking soon to make up for this day!!

She and the grandkids will be coming tonight from Texas.  They decided to come up tonight instead of  Friday because the weather is suppose to be very stormy then.  That makes me feel better.  I worry about them enough, don't need to add the weather too!

Sunday, Easter, is suppose to be beautiful.  I sure hope so.  We always have a big egg hunt in the back yard for all the kids.  They all love that!  Don't you just love to see your loved ones having a good time.

I hope you see your loved ones enjoying the day too!

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