Monday, June 21, 2010

Pro Bono Quilts

My friend, Nita, and I got together last fall and made a couple of pro bono quilts each to use up some of our stashes.  We decided on the Take Five pattern which is quick and easy.  We went to one of our local quilt shops and used their AccuQuilt cutter.  That is one quick way to do some cutting for sure!!

Well, we got the tops done very quickly but stalled on the quilting.  But,  Nita got a new Tin Lizzie recently and we both took a lesson to learn how to use it.  I plan to go to the shop and rent their machine!  It is so much fun and so much easier than trying to quilt on a regular sewing machine.   But Nita invited me to quilt on her new "toy" and I loved it.

So, my two are done.  They aren't perfect--I definitely have lots of room to grow--but they will do.


  1. It is so cute! Where were they donated?

  2. At Christmas, they will be donated to the local Department of Human Services. They have a Christmas store that is open for shopping--free of course.