Monday, September 6, 2010


My Texas kids were here for the weekend to celebrate their cousins' birthdays and did we have a good time!

Lyndey turned five on August 31 and Kayley turned 8 on September 5, so they had a combined birthday swimming party on Saturday.  They had a blast!  Fifteen kids, that's pretty hectic.  Then the family had pizza and Paige got to spend the night with her cousins.  Jake got to spend the night with Austin, my niece's son, that was staying with my sister. They played the Wii for hours.  The next day we all got together for swimming, trampoline, croquet and visiting.  Had sloppy joes and lots of goodies to go with it.  Then the adults played a new dice game called "Dicescapades".  It's a lot of fun.  It has about a dozen different kinds of dice and you have to do different things with them.  Jake and Austin loved it too.  It was late when we left my daughter's house, but I had promised Kayley and Lyndey they could have a sleepover at our house with Jake and Paige so we woke them up (they had fallen asleep) and brought them over.

We were all worn out this morning.  It was slow moving and I was going to fix pancakes for breakfast but quickly got out voted.  The grandkids all love "monkey bread".  You know where you use canned biscuits, butter and cinnamon sugar!  So Papa made a quick trip to the grocery store with the three girls and we started our assembly line.  Lyndey loves cutting them up with the kitchen scissors and Paige and Lyndey love to roll them in that cinnamon sugar! 

Jake being almost ten now has outgrown the fun of making them and prefers to enjoy eating them.  (He'd rather be playing Wii!)  I had given him a "Hex Bug" and he was checking it out.
Before they all left today, I gave the girls their new fabric "paper dolls".  They played a little with them, but with all the new birthday toys, it wasn't on the top of their play list!  I do understand.  But I know they will play with them some because I kept a set for myself!!

So, Bo, aren't they cute? : )

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  1. Cute pics Mom! We had a great time visiting this weekend!