Monday, October 4, 2010

Pink Ribbon Quilt

A friend that I've known since our daughters were in first grade and we were Blue Bird leaders together has recently found out she has breast cancer.  I wanted to do something for her in this very trying time in her life.  A mutual friend that does beautiful embroidery, embroidered some pink ribbon blocks for me.  I found some fun polka dot fabric and came up with this.

It was a quick pattern, which is what I wanted so I could get it done as soon as possible.

The quilting is meandering and I used pink minky as the backing.  It is sooooo soft.  I love that stuff!  It should be so nice to curl up with, at least that's what I'm hoping for!

I'm giving it to her tomorrow, I hope she likes it!


  1. Wow, your are such a great friend. I bet she will love it.

  2. What a friend you are! That is one of the cheeriest pink ribbon quilts that I have seen! The pink minkee on the back will make it nice and snuggly. Best wishes for your friend as she goes through this time. One thing for sure, she has a good friend in you!