Saturday, October 2, 2010

Paige becomes a Brownie!

My granddaughter, Paige, became a Brownie last weekend and we were fortunate enough to be there.

On Saturday, she was in the Western Heritage Parade as a Daisy:

(Please forgive the photos!!!  Blogger is having problems and not letting me rotate these pictures.  So frustrating, but that photo of Paige is just too cute even if you have to look sideways!)

Then on  Sunday afternoon they had their "Bridging Ceremony" to become a Brownie.  My daughter, Julie, is her leader and does a fantastic job.  She comes by that naturally, as I was her BlueBird/Campfire leader!!  LOL  All kidding aside, she is much better than I was, as she has a FULLTIME job also and manages to squeeze planning and meetings on the weekends.

It was a fun weekend even with the rain that threatened the parade and cancelled two soccer games.  We will have to watch Jake another time.

Afterwards, they had pizza and BROWNIES, of course!  The girls had a fantastic time, especially with silly string fights.  And being a good Brownie, they picked up all their string afterwards.  They left the park, just as clean as when they arrived.  I was so impressed!

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