Sunday, April 25, 2010

Bernina project!

Our project at Bernina Club this past month was to use the circular attachment #83.  This was also to encourage us to use several of our decorative stitches which some of them, of course, we've never used.  I even tried some varigated threads which was fun.   The fabrics were some hand dyes I had done years ago and was glad to find a reason to use.  The batik has been in my stash for a while too.  I loved the pattern and knew I'd eventually find a place for it.

This is a pretty loud piece.  Not sure I'll use it much, but I am glad I made it.  I always learn something when I make a project like this.  I do think this would be very cool using different beiges and one thread color.  Doubt I'll do another though.

Dolls have faces now!!

One of my friends who paints a lot helped me out with faces for Joe and Jenny.  They are no longer FACELESS!  I think Jenny needs to go on a diet.  Her face is a little fat!  But Kayley and Lyndey will be so happy.

They came over a few days ago and we "bedazzled" some of the dolls' clothing.  Kayley, the 6 1/2 year old said we couldn't put any brads or rhinestones on Joe's clothes and I asked why.  She informed me he was a boy and they don't wear stuff like that.  I laughed and told her Joe could because he was a "model".  She agreed reluctantly.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Flat Dolls!

My granddaughters and I love to play with "paper dolls" of all kinds.  At Nana's house we have paper, magnetic, bath, wooden and now quilted fabric dolls!

When I saw this free pattern at  Moda Bake Shop I knew I had to make them for Kayley, Paige, Lyndey AND myself.  (And if you haven't been to Moda Bake Shop, be prepared--they have wonderful projects to do.)

I did use a stiffer Pellon for the dolls.  It was fusible Pellon Peltex  and I like it a lot.  The clothes were easy and fast to make, also.  You put velcro on the dolls and clothing and the girls can easily manipulate them.

As you can see Kayley is really enjoying the dolls.  We named them Joe and Jenny.  Kayley has already requested more clothing for Jenny.  She even drew me a picture of the long strapless dress she wants in RED.  So I must get it made soon. The girls keep asking why the dolls don't have faces.  Truth is, I'm not too artistic and hate to ruin the dolls.  So until I find someone to help draw,  Joe and Jenny remain faceless.  : )

Friday, April 9, 2010

Grommet bag-- Yep, another bag!

What is it with bags for women??  It just seems we can't have too many.  My friends and I got together and made some neat "grommet purses".

 I chose a batik that I've had for a few years.  I don't even remember where I purchased it.  I loved the fabric but didn't know what to do with it and so I thought why not another bag.  It's very "springy" looking I think and turned out to be a fun bag.  The photo's colors are a little light.  It really is a little darker.

My friends all chose something different--a black and white fabric, black/red faux leather, and another batik one, but with a variety of  different fabrics.  It was a fun day--always, when you're learning a new project with friends.

By the way, the name of the pattern is "Grids & Grommets" by Indygo Junction.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Two more Purses!

Got 'em done!  And my three granddaughters liked them.  Not as much as the Easter candy and toys, but these will least longer, right?

I really enjoyed the bobbin work.  Bernina Club at my local dealer is making me stretch my capabilities and I love trying new things.  Last session was learning the circular embroidery attachment.  That is really going to be fun doing.  I'll be using all or at least a lot of my decorative stitches.

Easter was wonderful.  The kids had their usual egg hunt and as you can see all got their share!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Happy Easter!

Getting ready for a fun Easter with family! 

Today I cleaned house and went to grocery store for the weekend.  We'll be hosting Easter dinner for around twenty.  Rob will be making the main dish -- BRISKET.  He smokes it all night in our electric smoker and it is delicious.  So, the rest of the dinner will be easy.  I think I'm making potato salad, mexi-corn, pea salad, lettuce salad, easy cheesy lemon bars (so delicious),  and of course, we have to do deviled eggs.  The kids will be coloring eggs on Saturday, so we always have plenty of eggs to eat!  The others attending always bring side dishes, so we have a smorgasbord! 

Julie is on another diet to lose 10 pounds (I wish that was all I needed to lose), and I think she may have to skip a day because this dinner is not for dieters at all.  I AM going to start walking soon to make up for this day!!

She and the grandkids will be coming tonight from Texas.  They decided to come up tonight instead of  Friday because the weather is suppose to be very stormy then.  That makes me feel better.  I worry about them enough, don't need to add the weather too!

Sunday, Easter, is suppose to be beautiful.  I sure hope so.  We always have a big egg hunt in the back yard for all the kids.  They all love that!  Don't you just love to see your loved ones having a good time.

I hope you see your loved ones enjoying the day too!