Saturday, March 19, 2011

Pincushion Challenge?

There seems to be the cutest pincushions being made everywhere I look.  I was thinking about making some and it got me to thinking of what I'd use for stuffing.  I've been doing some research and someone suggested using a SOS pad.  Something about it sharpening our pins and needles while holding them.  That certainly makes sense.  Have any of you done this?
Now I know we all already have so many pincushions, but you need more than one right??  I have one by my sewing machine, one on by cutting table, one on my ironing board and a few in my portable sewing kits.  Plus I have some chickens sitting around too!  And I bet most of us could find one of those old red apples with the needle sharpener bud attached to it in one of our drawers.  Then there are wrist and finger cushions, in addition to regular ones, plus pincushions in teacups, little figurines, etc.  So interesting, don't you think?!

SOME of mine, but nothing cute like they're making now!

Maybe some of you have collections.  Would love to see pics of those. 

We all have so many projects we are working on but sometimes, I need a distraction--a quick project--something fun!  And some of mine are looking a little, should be say, worn.  Which brings me to my idea.  Would any of you be interested in a pincushion challenge?  We could call it our PINCUSHION PARTY!   We could just make them for ourselves and post pictures--- OR have a swap.  I really would like to do that if there's enough interest.   I love getting surprises!!

Leave a comment with some ideas if you're interested and if there's enough people wanting to have an exchange I'll come up with some guidelines. 


  1. I personally haven't made any pin cushions and all of my pin cushions are very pratical, much like yours. But I have seen some very adorable ones out there and would possibly be interested in an exchange.

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  3. I haven't made any pincushions yet, just never got around to it. There are some really cute ones out there though. I would be interested in doing a swap (never done one of those either!). (This is a repost of my comment. I couldn't stand the errors in the original so I deleted it)