Thursday, June 16, 2011

Granddaughters making MUD PIES!

My granddaughters love making MUD PIES!  Actually, they make pies, cakes, cookies, puddings and anything else they can think of.  They were over last night, and decided it was time to have another "baking session".  (Actually, it was hot enough to "bake"" them pretty quickly.

As you can see they had a ball.  They added "chips" (rocks), coconut (grass), cinnamon (sand) and just about anything they could find.  They found some roly poly's and wanted to add them, but I said no live animals.  :)  Mostly they love making "batter" and playing IN IT.

Kayley loves to "mold"cookies!

Lyndey with the PECAN PIE

They even decorated the swing set!

They had a ball!  They wanted their cousin, Paige to be there and she will be in a couple of weeks.  She gets to come along with her brother to spend a week at Nana's and Papa's.  When that happens the cousins are together most of the time.  I love that.


  1. Oh what fun - we used to the same thing only we used sand as our base and flowers, berries and leaves as decorations.

  2. I showed Paige the video and she is so excited to come visit and play with the girls!

  3. How adorable!
    I used to do the same thing! I loved "cooking" in the mud. I had favorite plants that yielded berries, buds, and other delicacies. Those were some of the best play experiences I had.