Thursday, April 26, 2012

QR Code Quilt Done!

My sister, Karen, is an art major at Oklahoma State University.  She made an exceptional art project which inspired me to make a similar quilt.  She made a three dimensional QR wooden wall hanging. It is fantastic, made entirely of little wooden blocks.  The little blocks surrounding the piece are also QR codes.  A very NOW project! Check her blog out
to see how she made this.

 Isn't it cool!

QR, which stands for Quick Response, are those square bar codes you see in magazines, posters, etc.  You can download a free app for your smart phones and then be able to scan them to learn more information on whatever is being advertised.  Many times it is just a website with detailed info.  Quick Information!

I went to a QR code generator to put in the info I wanted. Well, I soon learned that the more information you want in your QR the more squares you have.  I quickly decided I wanted a small wall hanging.  It ended up being about 32" square for one word.  And it does not have to be black and white--I used a dark print instead of black.  You just need contrast.

Since I had printed out that original code with lots of data, I decided to print that on a sheet of fabric and put it on the center of the back.  If I counted correct, there would have been 66 squares across and down instead of the 21 I had.  Way too many for me!

This was a fun project--something a little different.  It will definitely be a conversation starter.  Let me know if you know what it says!


  1. I don't know what it says (have to wait for my husband to get here with his i-phone), but I want to do this! What a great idea!

  2. I know! I know! Very cool. I think we can start a trend. It would make a really cool family tree quilt for wedding gifts or even baby blankets. Put baby's surname on the front and mommy & daddy info on the back...along with who made it. I can think of so many know I'm the idea person in this business! BTW, where is mine? I claim creative rights...hahaha!

  3. Very cool. Love the print you used.