Friday, April 13, 2012

Storybook Quilts -- Presented to Local Library!!

The Storybook Mini-Quilt project our guild had was a huge success!

Myself and the Children's Librarian, Linda Branson

Our guild is celebrating it's 20th anniversary this year and decided to make 20 little mini-quilts that coincide with children's books.  They will be used in the Children's Storytime and also used to decorate the local public library.

We ended up making 35 quilts and we presented them to the library Wednesday, during National Library Week.  They were thrilled to receive them.  Here are a few of them!


  1. There are so many kids fabrics out there with story links now. I have the Brown bear ,brown bear and the Hungry Caterpillar fabrics to make quilts as well as some Grinch fabrics too. I also have used a little Golden book fabric for the Pokey Little Puppy and of course some Winnie the Pooh fabrics.
    I have started to collect children's stories with a quilty theme. I have the Keeping Quilt, The Quiltmaker's Gift and a few others that are quilty.
    Lucky Library to have so many beautiful quilts that celebrate literature.

  2. What a great idea....they are darling. Our guild meets in our county library. I will have to remember this idea.

    1. Thanks, Sandy. It was a lot of fun.