Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Embroidered Bookmarks!

Just made these neat little MAGNETIC bookmarks on my Bernina 730e!  Are they bookmarks or bookmarkers???  I never know for sure what to call them.  The design called them bookmarks, so that's what they are today.

They embroider as one piece, you add the two magnetic strips and the top folds back to catch the pages in a book.

Things I'm learning with embroidery projects--no matter how small you think the project is, always start with a FULL BOBBIN.  And each one of these bookmarks takes almost a full bobbin.

My non-embroidery friends are amazed that these are just thread--no fabric.  I love the different designs.

My granddaughter, Paige, is here (school's out in Texas the whole week of Thanksgiving) and she wanted to make one for her teacher.  So she chose purple thread for the background and away we went.  She couldn't believe the sewing machine would make lace by itself.  I love to share my sewing and crafts with her.  She's always willing to try my projects AND I get to do some fun stuff while she's here.  Brother, Jake, is into computers, so that keeps him busy.

The picture is not too clear UNLESS you click on it and that magnifies it.  You can then see the images better.  Don't know why.  I'm hoping Santa gets me a new camera for Christmas.

A few more stocking stuffers done!


  1. So where is the pattern from? I'd love to make some.

  2. The design is "Stitched With Love" by OESD. I got it from my Bernina dealer. It has 12 bookmarks and 12 all-occasion cards on it.

  3. Those are really neat! I'm glad the kids are having fun! See you tomorrow! Tom has to go up and close down the lab tonight around 11 so we'll be driving up in the morning.

  4. Those bookmarks are wonderful. I may have to make a trip to my Bernina dealer this week.

  5. Hoping to try some other bookmarks that don't have magnets soon!

  6. HI, Can you share what type of magnets you used. I have been having trouble getting the magnets to stay together. They want to repell each other.

  7. My magnets came from Hobby Lobby--very cheap sheets that I cut apart.

    I'm sure you just are not getting the right sides of the magnets together. Try turning each one--"like sides" together.

  8. I'm looking for a cookie embroidery pattern in JEF format. Cookie needs to be about 2 to 3 inches across....choc chip or other. Can anyone help me? Thanks in advance...reply to: pj61298@gmail.com