Monday, November 2, 2009

Motorcycle weekend trip!

Over the weekend, my husband and I rode 662 miles on our Yamaha Roadliner!

Some good friends of ours invited us to ride with their Gold Wing club to southeast Oklahoma.  There were 10 vehicles-- six Gold Wing cycles, three Gold Wing Trikes and us--the LOUD BIKE.

When we left at 7 am Saturday (Halloween) morning it was 44 degrees!  Brrrr, it was cold.  We were prepared though.  I had thermal pants, jeans and chaps.  I also had a t-shirt, long-sleeved t-shirt, sweatshirt AND my leather jacket.  Thermal liners under my socks, two pair of gloves and a fleece hood really kept my neck toasty.  I felt like that little boy in "A Christmas Story".  LOL  You definitely wanted to give yourself plenty of time to go to the bathroom!!

By the time we got home late Sunday afternoon, the temp was 74 degrees.  It really turned out to be a wonderful fall trip.  The good thing about layering is that you just peel off a layer as the day warms up!

Now about those Honda riders.  Rob, my husband says they were really a great group of people--despite what they rode.  : )   He has always driven a Yamaha (he has had five) and loves them. He kept "revving" up his bike to tease the other bikers.  You know the Gold Wingers are known for being very  quiet AND comfortable. I was a little envious of all the comfort those ladies had. 

We would really like to have a trike.  As you get older, thats the way to go!  Only thing is Rob won't give up his two wheeler and we can't afford two cycles, so it's probably not going to happen.

Our friends had gone on a ride with our Yamaha club a couple of years ago and our group had told them we wouldn't hold the fact that they rode a Gold Wing against them, so all the teasing from both clubs was in good fun.  Motorcyclists are a great bunch of people!

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