Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Storage for pantograms or STABILIZER ROLLS!

This is a quilted storage unit for pantograms.  When I took the class for the Tin Lizzie at a quilt shop this is how they stored their patterns.  How clever is that?!

I'm thinking why not adjust this for the rolls of stabilizer I have all over my shelves that keep falling over!

Basically, they just quilted a long section that would measure whatever your door size might be.  Then they took a strip of velcro and sewed vertically down the center of quilt.  Then each roll was wound with the ying or yang of the opposite velcro and slapped on the strip.  OR on second thought or LOOK, they just took elastic and sewed down the center every three or four inches allowing a little for fullness in order for the cylinders to slide in.  Yep, that's what they did, see the empty slots?!

Now all I have to do is put this project on my long list of other items that I want to do!!

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  1. don't we ALL have more on the TO DO LIST than there will be Time!