Friday, July 30, 2010

Bathing Beauties or is that Bathing Booties?

Quilting Gallery has a weekly contest and this week's theme is "SUMMER VACATIONS."  You do not have to make a quilt in a week (thank goodness!), just send in a photo of a previously made quilt. People vote on their favorite Friday through Sunday.  (Feel free to vote for my beauties).

I've never done this before, but don't we all have previously made quilts sitting around?  Why not share them.  I always see something in someone else's work that I want to try.  
Anyway, this quilt I made in 2004.  My guild had a block exchange.  We each made twelve of our own and then swapped.   Some were hiliarious with their face expressions.  It was such fun.  I used the attic window thinking that they looked like they were each in a dressing room in front of a mirror trying to get enough courage to come out!  lol 


  1. I think your summer quilt is so darling and I did vote for it! Then I came over to your blog because the info said you were from son and family live just outside of OK City and the Frontier Town sounded familiar...they have gone there many times. They just went home after a visit to us here in Ohio. Enjoyed visiting your blog.

  2. Love your quilt, saw it on the quilting gallery blog. It should have won 1st place. Brings a smile to your face. Can you share more details about the quilt. Did you trace the figure onto fabric & fuse it to background fabric? I would love to replicate this with my group, is the figure from a pattern. Any info would help.
    Thank you. (no blog)