Saturday, July 17, 2010

Super-Sized Nine Patch Baby Quilts

My niece, Kassidy, is having her first baby--a girl--in less than a month!  We are all so excited for her and today there's a shower for her.  I wanted to try the "super-sized nine patch" pattern.       
This pattern is the quickest thing I've ever done.  Three yards of coordinating fabrics will make three tops!  You fold the fabric and make two cuts and you are ready to sew.  They are small but great for  putting on your carpet when the babies are a little older and start wanting to move around a bit!  If you click on the photo you can see that I quilted each one differently also.

My labels are on the quilts but not would I have preferred.  I think I know what the baby's name will be, but one time I did that and the mother changed her mind and the label ended up being wrong.  You never can get the quilt back to change it or add one so I compromised and just said it was made with love from Great Aunt Linda and put a date, so hopefully that will suffice.  Since I am the member in our quilt guild that is always insisting everyone put labels on their quilts, and there will be members at the shower there, had to do something! 

Her nursery is jungle things, so these little quilts should fit right in!


  1. Linda...these are cute! What a great way to even use up some stash...not that I have ANY of that!

  2. Hi Linda I am just learning how to quilt and I am not sure how to cut this material... Please Help

  3. If you email me at I'll be glad to answer your questions. Linda