Tuesday, November 2, 2010

See what I received today!

Candle Mat Swap 
I got this lovely mat from Maria Wilson in Australia. She included a cute little Christmas card that she machine appliqued and the cutest tiny book that is a holder for pins and needles which will be great for my travelling sewing kit.  Also, was a cross stitch ornament kit and a Cadbury candy bar.  I'm thinking that is going to be eaten along with a cup of tea this afternoon!!

Thanks so much, Maria!!

Now I need to get my mat in the mail for my partner, who is not Maria, but is out of the country.  I can't say who or where--it's suppose to be a surprise!


  1. Beautiful candle mat! Such wonderful little added gifts too.

  2. Don't you love getting fun stuff in the mail? That candle mat is too cute! Thanks for checking out my BQF submission, I love yours too!

  3. I saw the instructions to make one of these on someones blog. I am going to make some for little presents for christmas, you know when someone drops by unannounced, for the work xmas party, for a teacher, who knows who else.

    I am thinking of having a sewing challenge blog. Bi-weekly I post a themed challenge, you up load a recent or past project using the theme and, and random generator picks a lucky winner for a little something, something. You can check out my blog as Paula's Sewing Challenges, and tell me what you think. If this does not interest you sorry for the inconvenience.

  4. I am so pleased the parcel arrived Linda and you like it.
    Have been following your blog and really enjoyed reading your posts. I am now a official FOLLOWER.