Thursday, January 20, 2011

Snowy day in Oklahoma!

Last night Oklahoma had snow.  Northern Oklahoma, where we live, only received 2-3 inches, but it "drizzled" first so there was ice under the snow which made things worse.  School was closed and there were lots of accidents in Oklahoma City.

There was a little wind last night too, so there were drifts to deal with too.  Not a severe storm but a storm none the less.

My granddaughters went sledding right after breakfast this morning and loved it.  I talked with my daughter in Texas and she said her kids were sad they couldn't be here to do the same!  Last year they were here when we had a severe storm on Christmas Eve and loved it.  They don't see snow often, especially enough to go sledding.  I love snow, unless I, or my family, have to drive somewhere.  It is so beautiful but sometimes causes a lot of havoc.

The past week has been very trying for our family.  One of my brothers in law had a massive heart attack last Thursday and we all have been at the hospital in OKC a lot.  It is amazing, but he is doing fine and after having a defibulator/pacemaker put in, he'll probably be released this weekend.  God does answer prayers.

So today, I plan to go to my sewing room and do some machine applique on my Hop To It project!  It is fusible applieque and all the blocks are done I just have to applique them down.  I have four out of the twelve blocks done.  This is not the fun part.  But I have made a goal of doing at least one a day.  I have other projects that I'm working on too, so I switch around a lot! 

So while the cold snow is outside, I'll be in my nice, warm sewing room!

Oh, by the way.  The LINDA that won my blog contest was Linda Douglas from Montana.  She'll be receiving her gift as soon as I can get to the post office to get it mailed.  I'll bet she has snow ALL the time!  Congrats, Linda!

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  1. Here is Texas it's just cold! Just found your blog and will be following you. Thanks,