Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Sweethearts in 1962!
 Yes, 1962, that is not a typo.  How could it be that long ago--it seems like yesterday.  We didn't get married until three years later.  Time enough for him to get his military service and my graduating and business college done.

We've had a very happy and wonderful life and I've never regretted marrying this fellow.

As for a romantic (as I am) he is NOT!

We were married in March and the following Valentine's Day, he asked me what I wanted.  I told him I didn't want anything and he didn't get me ANYTHING!!  Can you imagine?  What was he thinking!!   He took a lot of ribbing about that.  He still doesn't always get me things all the time.  He says he likes to surprise me and doesn't want me to expect things.  Ha!  Got to love that man.

He never complains about anything I do, let's me do what I want and supports my quilting habit, so after all these years I have realized that "things" are really not what a true love buys you, it's how every day is spent loving each other.

I hope you all have a wonderful Valentine's Day, but most of all, I hope you all have that kind of day EVERYDAY!  If you have a special Valentine, let me hear about him.

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