Wednesday, February 9, 2011

More SNOW!

Okay, enough is enough.  Oklahomans are not used to getting this much snow so often.  This has been the third storm in less than a month.  How do people get used to this up North?  I guess that is why I love Oklahoma.  You know the old saying of ours,  "If you don't like the weather, just wait a day or so and it will change."  Our forecast includes temps in the 50's this weekend.  I'll be ready for that.

So here is the same shot as the last time from my back door.

As you can see we got more snow, about 10-12 inches.  The snow is lighter and a little easier to clean up.  There was no ice ahead of time which helps getting around now, not that I am going anywhere for a while. 

My husband is home today so getting into the sewing room may not be possible.  He wants to watch a movie this afternoon.  It's "Date Night" which my daughter, Stacey, says his hilarious.  Guess we'll stay in, away from the exceptionally cold weather outside, relax, and get the popcorn ready!


  1. That's is what we say in Nebraska too!!

  2. Oh I know you get sick of the snow but it looks so cool to me. Would swap our heat for a little cooler weather.
    Hope you enjoyed your movie.