Sunday, October 25, 2009

Texas Weekend!

This weekend we went to Texas to see my daughter and family.  We started the day Saturday with going to a game to watch Paige do some cheerleading. She's in first grade and this is her second year cheering already.  The girls are so cute and do a fantastic job.  Paige likes it but would much rather be on the field playing.  She plays soccer and really likes that.

Their team is improving so much.  When all teams start--the kids ALL chase the ball.  This year the team is passing and really working well together.  She is amazing--such a great little player. Here lately, she has been the goalie and hardly ever lets a ball go by her.  She also is a little cheerleader and we got to see her cheer at another game.  So cute.

We were suppose to see both kids play in their soccer games.  Jake's was canceled though because of soggy fields, disappointing, but we did get to see Paige's.
This is a photo Julie had taken earlier. We were sorry we couldn't see him play this time!  It's tough on grandparents that live away from their grandkids.  We are fortunate that we see them as often as we do!  Julie does a good job of keeping us up to date with pictures of what we do miss.

We also went to the new COWBOY STADIUM in Arlington.  Wow, it is big.  The Star War Concert was being held and it was great.  The orchestra was fantastic and those huge screens are HUGE.  What everyone says about them is true.  The picture is crystal clear, high definition--amazing.  The football games there have to be unreal!
We also attended a "Hogwarts Festival" held nearby which was pretty cute.  A lot of high school students made this a very fun fall event for kids of all ages!

Of course we tried a new restaurant--"Pazzo's".  A very good pizza place.  Always get to try something new when we go there.  When you live in a small town of 5000, you get pretty tired of the same old thing all the time and I love to try new things!!

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