Sunday, August 1, 2010

Row Markers

Today I am working on a Ragtime Quilt for my brother in law, Jim.  He was diagnosed with cancer recently and will be starting chemo in a couple of weeks. I want to get it done soon.

I am all ready to put the rows together.  I usually grab my sticky notes and number some, slap them on and half of them fall off before I get to the sewing machine.  Then I keep them for a while and then they get thrown out when I straighten up (which I should do more than I actually do)Maybe you all can carry two rows to the machine and sew without turning one upside down, I have not mastered that, so I have to mark them.

My friend, Patsy, showed us all something at our guild meeting the other night that will help me immensely.  Of course, you can purchase row markers, but who wants to purchase them (save that money for fabric!!).  It literally took me less than five minutes and that included finding the supplies.

Grab some template plastic or really anything stiff.  You could even use heavy cardboard.  I made mine one inch square, wrote the row numbers on each, punched a hole in top and ran a safety pin through it.  DONE!  And they'll be easy enough to save.  And of course, you can also make column tags if you need to do that. 

Now to start sewing those rows.  Then the "FUN" part begins--clipping the edges!!


  1. This is going to be a lovely quilt....I will be praying for your BIL Jim....I just went through Cancer/chemo with my is a rough row to hoe...but Prayers and faith can do a lot...

  2. SEnding also my best wishes , loved the pin idea will be copying that tip