Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Blocks from charm squares!

Last year our guild exchanged charm squares to enhance our stashes. The idea was to use them in charm quilts, or maybe use them in some scrap quilts (which I love). They could also add to those lovely charm packs they had but couldn't decide how to use. 

Several members had mentioned they have done nothing with their charms so I came up with an idea to use them.  Each month I am going to design a block using  5" squares, some with specific colors.   The members will make one and bring it to guild the following month.  For every one they bring they will get a ticket to win all the blocks. 

Hopefully, the members will learn a new block, use their charms, and maybe get lucky enough to win all of them.  If they don't win, they may want to make more blocks, using their own colors and make their own quilt.

I'm calling it "LUCKY CHARM LOTTO".  I'll be posting the block here too, each month.  Maybe some of you will be interested.

Here's the first one:
The Disappearing Nine Patch

Five 5” squares of blue fabrics (all different)

Four 5” squares of white fabric (the same fabric)

Make a nine patch block. 

Cut in half vertically and horizontally

Re-arrange in the following pattern and sew.

Here is what my blocks looked like:

You can put the blocks together in different ways to achieve different looks.

I'm hoping that all the different blues will look okay together.  Time will tell.   I'll try to remember to take a pic of all them at the guild meeting next month and post it!


  1. Love the DP9 blocks. I am sure all the blues will look great.

  2. This is the first time I've seen disappearing nine patch blocks put together this way. I love it! This is much nicer than the way I did them when I tried it!!!

  3. The DP9 is such a fun block to make. I look forward to seeing your guild members blocks.