Sunday, April 17, 2011

Great Quilt Class ONLINE and it's FREE!

During my surfing of quilt sites I've found Rebecca from Australia of Chasing Cottons!  She has started a Quilt Class 101 online and it is so thorough.  Nothing has been left out.  She's doing it for 12 weeks, a little (?) at a time.  We all know there is so much to learn in the joy of quilting.  It has started but you can join anytime. 
Chasing Cottons

I have been quilting for many years, but I believe that all of us can learn something  from one another.  Everytime I get together with my friends, real and online, I add to my education of quilting and I for one love to see the different ways people do things in the journey of making quilts.   Thanks for sharing Rebecca!

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