Friday, April 29, 2011

The Royal Wedding--So Majestic!

I just finished watching "the wedding"!  No, I didn't get up to watch it, but I did record it.  So I got up, fixed me a cup of tea (I do that very often, not just for the occasion) and watched the history that had been made.

When Kate and her father started down the aisle, it took my breath away.   Beautiful setting and so magical.

Everything was perfect--how do they do that??  I know really-- rehearsal, money and more money!  The people attending the wedding looked smashing.  I loved the hats the ladies wore.  Well, most of them.  A few of them were really down right hideous, at least to me.  I wish I could wear hats but you have to feel like you own them, and I don't. The British do that very well.

Kate's dress was beautiful.  Very classic that will look good in the years to come.  Not like Diana's that to me is very dated.  Beautiful at the time though.  One of my favorite moments was when William and Harry were at the altar and Harry looked back to see her.  I'd love to know what he said to his brother.  I'm sure William was dying to look too!   What a shame their mother couldn't have been there.

I can't wait to hear what my granddaughters think of the wedding.  They love to play with their Barbies and Disney princesses.  And this was definitely the wedding of the century--a grand affair.  Something for them to dream about!

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