Sunday, April 3, 2011

Pincushion Swap!

Okay, it may just be the four of us, if you all still want to exchange pincushions,  OR we could each make three and send them to each other!  I could use three new ones!!
This is what I thought we could do--

1.  Leave a comment and tell me for sure you want to swap and if you want to make more than one.
2.  Your choice of any cute pincushion pattern or one you design yourself
3.  Mail date May 2, 2011 to partner/partners
4.  Send me your email and physical address --
5.  Signups until next Monday--April 11, 2011!

Pretty simple!  Let's do it!  And if anyone else wants to join, let me know.


  1. Hello Linda, I would like to join your swap! Ros

  2. I am definitely "in". If there's only a few of us, I would make a pincushion for everyone. Whatever the group decides is okay with me!

  3. Yes i'd like to join BUT only have time for 1 a this time if ok!? sandra