Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Enjoying the week in Texas with GRANDkids!! (Sewing, too!)

This week my daughter and son-in-law are on a fun trip and Nana volunteered to come stay with Jake and Paige.  I am really enjoying them so much.  Jake is always on the computer as you can see. 

 Paige sometimes teases him as she goes by.  He always gets even though!  With an eight year old and a ten year old--something is always going on between them.  Paige showed me the neatest experiment she learned in science class.

Put a little milk in a bowl, then add a drop of four food colorings.  Take a cotton swap with a little dishwashing soap on the tip and dab in colors.  The soap reacts to the fat in the milk.  It really is pretty cool.

I tried to insert a video clip but didn't have success, but the process is neat!

While the kids are in school, I have been sewing and shopping.  On Monday, I made it to "Quilt Country", one of my favorite quilt stores.  I'm like a kid in a candy store there.  So much to see, patternwise and FABRIC!!!  I only bought one yard of fabric for a specific purpose, so I was happy about that.  But you just have to visit those favorite stores just to keep you
aware of what's out there, right??

I had brought my little Janome and a couple of projects to sew on.  One being--Nickel Bricks, a great way to use up scraps.

It's mindless sewing, something I can stop and start at any time, so it's perfect to do here.  I'm determined to diminish that stash!!

Oh, can't forget this!  Julie treated me for Mother's Day!  She gave me a massage, a manicure and my FIRST pedicure.  Oh, I like that pedi!  I even had them paint a little design on my big toes.  I'd show you, but I emailed a pic to my husband and he responded--"those cute little sausages look pretty".  So a photo online is not gonna happen!!  But NOW I can say I've had a pedicure and up with my granddaughters now!  Thanks, Julie and Tom!!



  1. Sounds like you are having a wonderful time :D

  2. I hope you're teaching your granddaughter to sew! I have been teaching mine since she was 3 and every time I go visit we make something. It's a wonderful bonding experience!

  3. it looks like you are having fun - wonderful grandchildren you have there - I'm sure I am going to be posting some photos of mine this week also.