Friday, May 6, 2011

Paper pieced table runner done, well almost

Since last week, I paperpieced the remaing squares for the blocks, keeping in mind the different colors and trying to match blocks a little better.

After rearranging the squares in the blocks, I came up with this.  I like it so much better than the other one I showed you before. You can see the yellow, blue, pink and kind of purple blocks and they don't look so "discombobulated".

My daughter tells me I need to improve on my picture taking and use the outside light.  Looks like I still need her help!!  Draping on something would help too.  I should have pressed a little better also.  Somewhere online, there are tips for this and I'm going to find them!!

I did just want to show you the color difference and remind everyone that those beautiful batiks that have lots of different colors can be problematic in some blocks.   The center square had to be "matched" also.  Now, I have to figure out how to quilt it, but there is no hurry for that.  The goal was to get the top pieced before the guild meeting.  Woohoo!


  1. This is beautiful! I love the way it is turning out!

  2. It's beautiful! Love the colors :)

  3. Those colors pop now....very pretty.