Sunday, May 1, 2011

Paper Piecing Class

Saturday our guild had a paper piecing class.  We have several new members and this was something they wanted to try.  I had done some of this years ago, but not recently so I was ready for a refresher too.

Our teacher from another guild, Ellamay, was great.

She has done a lot of paper piecing, including taking classes from Cynthia England.  So talented!!  We wanted the basics, so she chose this for us to do.  The enrollment started with 12.  We had 15 wanting to take it, so she said go ahead and open it to 20.  When we told our guild that, we had 22--sooo, my friend and I helped with the class and didn't get to sew.

Here is Nita with her finished squares, read to sew together.  So pretty!   I didn't get any other photos of the finished blocks, but be assured there were some pretty ones.

Today, I started sewing on mine.  So accurate!  I had forgotten how nice and sharp paperpiecing can be.  However, the batik I chose for my "flower" has several different colors and patterns and when cut up I am not happy with it.

I think what I may do is go ahead and make all the squares for the runner and see if I can position the same colored batiks together for each block.  In other words, don't sew the squares to make the blocks YET.   Any other ideas out there??

I can't wait to see all the finished runners at our guild meeting!

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