Thursday, August 12, 2010

Embroidered Tea Towels

Today I made these two hand towels for a relative that's having a surprise birthday party tomorrow night.  Don't know if they'll match her kitchen, but I hope so.

They "whipped" up (is that a Oklahoma term or what?) very quickly.  I couldn't think of any cute sayings this afternoon, and this was all I could come up at the time.  Afterwards I emailed one of my sisters and she came up with these:

Move over, Martha!
Your opinion wasn't on the recipe.
If you want fast food, let's eat out!
I also thought of, Kiss the Cook!  
Can any of you think of something really cute?  Let me know.  These make great little gifts and I want to be prepared next time! 


  1. Did you do that in software? Could you explain how you did this? It's so cute. thanks, Hilary

  2. It was all done in my 730's ABC monogramming. Just spell out what I want and adjust to fit the specific hoop I'm using. Too easy!

  3. I read this in the food section of my Texas newspaper:
    "If you want good food, cook it yourself"
    "I like to cook with wine & sometimes I put it in my food"

    p.s. I also left you a comment regarding the quilt you entered on the Quilting Gallery blog, can you provide any details, I'd love to replicate it with my quilt friends? Found your blog after viewing your quilt in the gallery.
    Thank you
    Brenda (no blog)

  4. Thanks, Brenda. I love the saying about the wine! If you email me I'll give you more info on the plump ladies. Basically, we had a drawn pattern everyone used, then we "dressed" the ladies by fusing the clothes on them.

  5. Hi Linda, I am definitely computer challenged, I can't figure out how to email you. Here's my email:
    I appreciate you sharing info on the plump ladies. Thank you in advance. I have more quotes: He who eats alone chokes alone-proverb. Family menu, take it or leave it. Kissing don't last; cookery do. Food for thought is no substitute for the real thing.
    Enjoying your blog! Brenda