Friday, August 6, 2010

Fairy House

This week I finished the fairy house my husband and I made for my granddaughters!
It was so much fun doing this.  There was an article in our newspaper about these and it got me fired up!  My son-in-law had the perfect stump in his log pile and then Rob drilled me some doors and windows.  He then made a swing for the fairies and I added the ladder.  Kayley, my seven year old granddaughter is so smart.  As I was making it she looked up at me and said, "Nana, why do you need a ladder, fairies have wings!".  Man I had to do some fast thinking.  I told her fairies get tired of flying, just like people don't like to run all the time.

Then I made the lounging bed and table and chairs.  We made some fairy rings to encourage the fairies to dance.  The girls love it.  I ordered a couple of books from Amazon and also ordered some from the library.  The books by Barry and Tracy Kane, especially Fairy Houses, everywhere! and Fairy Houses and beyond were great help.  And The Girls Book of Flower Fairies is wonderful to read with your children.  Just Google Fairy Houses and you will find lots of information to help.

It is a lovely addition to my garden and quite the conversation starter.  I encourage any of you to try this--you don't need kids around to enjoy.  I believe in fairies, do you?

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