Monday, August 23, 2010

Flowers Blooming!

Check out my "Naked Ladies!"

The day after my granddaughters, Kayley and Lyndey, added the frog house and shells, these flowers popped up.  As you gardeners know, these grow very rapidly and in less than a week this is what we have!

When I told the girls we had naked ladies in our garden, they couldn't wait to get outside to see them.  I had to explain the name to the girls and their mom told them to be sure and tell their friends just exactly what kind of "naked ladies" we had in our back yard when they were discussing our garden.  lol

A friend of mine gave us the sea shells and the wonderful little teapot and cup on the table in the middle of the photo.  She loves fairies too and had come over to check the garden out.  A few days later she brought over the items.  Thanks, Carrol! 

The "Ladies" real name is Amaryllis belladonna and you can learn more about them here:

I think the fairies are loving our garden!!


  1. LOVE these but my Dad said thier name was RESIRECTION Lily? that just stuck cause the year after he gave me the bulbs he died so every year I wait to see if THEY come again. do you know REAL name? Beautiful

  2. Beautiful flowers. I love your fairy garden. But, mom is taking all the fun out by insisting the girls explain exactly what they mean when they say they have "naked ladies" in their nana's backyard. Bet it would make for some interesting conversations later. Gotta admit, I'd be like momma and insist the kids explain what they mean by naked ladies. :) ~ Nita