Tuesday, October 13, 2009

9-Patch Pizzazz

Today I finished the binding on my 9-Patch Pizzazz quilt. Woohooo!

In March, a friend and myself are giving the program at our guild on nine patch quilts and what you can do with them. So I am trying to come up with some different quilts to do so. This one was really interesting because you use a big print (sometimes you just can't CUT into that fabric) and cut them into 6", 12", or 6" x 12". Then you make 9 patches that travel across the quilt.

I used "minky" (that wonderful soft stuff) for the backing and then had it quilted with red thread. Kind of scary--but it turned out really nice, I think. I really should have made it bigger, but it didn't happen.

Some of the quilts, I've got down is a sudoku, wonky, split nine, curvy nine patch, disappearing 9-patch, double 9-patch, and stretched 9-patch. If any of you have any ideas for other nine patch quilts, please let me know.

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