Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Kayley's First Quilt

My granddaughter, Kayley, turned seven years old in September. We started in August to make her first quilt. She lives in the same town as me and I see her and her younger sister very often. Kayley is one month older than her cousin in Texas and when she saw that Paige had made a quilt this summer while she was visiting, decided she wanted to do it, too!

She and her sister, Lyndey, come to Nana and Papa's every Wednesday evening for supper and an evening that always includes a "Plan B". A "Plan B" is a project of some kind, usually crafty, but sometimes can be a park excursion, games or if Nana and Papa are tired--a movie of their choice.

So, we went shopping for fabric and began her project. She loves pink and purple, so we found some fabric with butterflies she liked and began her quilt. Most of the Wednesdays, we sewed, while Papa entertained Lyndey, four years old. I basically, did the same as I had done with Paige, showing her how to use the sewing machine. I didn't trust them with rotary cutters yet, so I did all the cutting, but they did do the pressing. She did very well, just like Paige, BUT, those girls are not alike. Paige is quiet and Kayley is NOT! She talks all the time while she's sewing and then stops to talk. She took twice as long as Paige in her sewing. At the end, when Kayley was sewing the rows together, she got stuck a lot and didn't like that part at all. I tried to tell her to keep the fabric folded in her lap, but she couldn't manage that part very well. She was glad when it was done and I hope she forgets that part. I had her sign a label and I got the quilting done! So two granddaughters' first quilts done and Nana has three years before Lyndey is ready to do hers! I may need the time! : )

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