Friday, October 16, 2009

Ultimate Embroidery Seminar

Today two friends and I attended a seminar at my LQS on Bernina embroidery products and projects! It was very informative and I learned a lot. Being a new machine embroiderer, the information they gave on the different stabilizers was especially useful. Lots of really cool projects, too.

Of course, I wanted everything. And of course, everything was 20% off, but I restrained and paced myself. One great, but inexpensive thing I did get was an "Embroiderer's Wand", original price $2.50. You use it for scoring paperbacked stabilizer, which I need because I used scissors last week and got a little carried away and went through the whole stabilizer--not good. Another use is to to poke back thread loops to the back of finished pieces, if needed. Now to find a handy place to keep it without loosing it. Then on the other end of the price range for me was the new "Variegated Garden" OESD designs. Can't wait to use that!

But before that happens, I need MORE thread. No one told me I'd be buying thread forever. I found out today that Isacord has more than 378 colors. All these beautiful designs takes lots of shading and it seems like they try to use every shade that is possible. I will just take my time to build my inventory. : )

It was a fun day and to top it off, I won the first door prize! I received a free class of "Scrap Therapy", which I have been wanting to attend anyway. It helps you cut your scraps up into manageable sizes for specific pattern pieces. Looking forward to getting organized.

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  1. LOL...I'm not surprised you won the door prize. You are the luckiest person I know...your streak continues!