Friday, September 25, 2009

Marsha McCloskey class taken!

Friday was my class with Marsha McCloskey. Wow, it was great! She is such a nice person and a great teacher. This specific class was on "blended quilts".

You use a variety of florals, big and small, paisleys, toiles, etc., and the parts of the block blend together. It's very hard to explain in a couple of sentences and a very different quilt than I'm accustomed to making. Usually you want contrast in parts of a block, this technique you are trying to achieve blending and the block pattern is secondary most of the time, letting the fabric do the work. In my runner I have low contrast, medium contrast and high contrast blocks and in a large quilt you would want lots of each.

It's really a different type of quilt, very unusual and very interesting. The type of quilt that you stare at and can see lots of things happening in it.

Marsha lectured all morning and then we sewed in the afternoon. After choosing the fabrics for the Ohio Star pattern, which took forever, I finally got three blocks done and made a table runner with them. I loved the suggestion of putting a four patch in the center sometimes, more interest in the block pattern.

It was a fun day and such a learning experience. I was lucky to have had the opportunity to learn from her, thanks to Randa at Prairie Quilt in Hennessey. Whenever you have a chance to take a class from a well-known teacher/quilter, do it!

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  1. Marsha very pretty love the blending. That would be something different for me also, since I usually use lots of contrast. You did a great job on it.