Tuesday, September 8, 2009

What Next?!

After a wonderful weekend with daughter and grandkids from Texas visiting, this evening was the pits!

After having some Blue and Gold sausage delivered from the local FFA, we discovered our freezer went out!! Either that or we left the door ajar. Doesn't matter, the meat was almost all thawed. Tomorrow we'll find out if we need a new freezer or not. Hope not!

So we delivered a bunch of thawed meat to my three sisters and sister-in-law and I've spent the last two hours cooking hamberger. Tomorrow I'll be cooking roasts. At least then I can re-freeze. And we'll be having steaks for supper. Just when I wanted to spend the day quilting!!!

Last week it was the wreck, this week the freezer. They say things happen in threes--I'm afraid of what's coming next. Okay, my husband will freak when he sees this. For some reason, he says I shouldn't even speak those words. As if I have the power to make things happen.

I did take my second lesson on my new machine this morning. These basic lessons are really pretty BASIC, but I think you always learn something when you go to classes. Last week, it was the first thing the instructor said. She said, "Open your accessory box by opening the little legs". What legs???

And of course, they always have something new to show you that you just have to HAVE!! I am NOT a garment maker, but today after seeing the ruffler and gathering feet, I want to try sewing something!! When my daughters were young, I did sew clothing for them. When they hit about third grade and wanted to wear jeans and t-shirts only, I gave up. As far as sewing garments from patterns, I do okay, EXCEPT when the patterns needs adjusting. Not gonna do it. Don't like it, can't do it, and don't want to learn. Let me just make quilts and wall hangings!

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