Sunday, September 20, 2009

Marsha McCloskey Class!

I just found out that I won a $75 class at one of my favorite quilting stores! Marsha McCloskey is teaching a class on Blended Quilts and I'm so excited to be able to learn from such a gifted teacher/quilter. Fun, Fun!!

The class is this coming Friday so I have to go shopping for fabric soon. And I do hate having to go to the quilt store--yeah, right, you know that's true.

This week will be busy. Tuesday I have my embroidery class, Wednesday, a class on a long-arm quilter and then the Friday class. My mind will be spinning by the weekend!!


  1. oooh, class envy tell how it went, as she is one person from which I would LOOOOVE to take a class...

  2. Your lucky streak is back on track after a few setbacks (freezer and wreck)! Maybe that new car is bringing you luck!